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Cindy O'Donnell


A multi-faceted intuitive health practitioner and International speaker & educator, 

Cindy O’Donnell was born and raised in a small town on the East Coast of Canada.


Since graduating with honors from the Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage in 2007, she has since become certified in Craniosacral Therapy & Somato-Emotional Release and is a teaching assistant with the Upledger Institute in Palm Beach Florida for these modalities. ​ 


A strong believer in lifelong learning, in 2015 she also completed a 300 hour Yin & Yang Yoga Teacher Training. Cindy has also taken several leadership and personal development courses including the complete Quantum Leap program with T Harv Eker and several courses and training with Amanda Frances and two years of mentorship with  Melanie Ann Layer in the Alpha Femme Experience & Alumnae program.


Deeply spiritual and finely attuned to the frequencies and energies that surround all things, Cindy guides her clients towards optimal health and alignment through therapeutic treatments, mindfulness coaching and her intuitive gift of mediumship & channeling to help people heal from unprocessed grief to live happy and healthy in their body and their reality. She also works with people internationally through private sessions, live signature programs and pre-recorded workshops.  


Despite her years of science-based training, Cindy’s greatest purpose is to make healing and spirituality both simple and fun! Her mission is to empower people to live a life of optimal health, wealth and wisdom by living their authentic story and reconnecting to their intuition and power. ​


Former Flight Attendant, 5 Star Luxury Spa owner, RMT, CranioSacral therapist, business and political consultant, philanthropist  amongst many other things, Cindy has left very few stones unturned in the world of spirituality, leadership and self-help. 

Having made helping others her professional focus for over a decade, she brings new meaning to health and wellness.


November 2022

Upledger Institute,
Anaheim, California

Somato-Emotional Release Mastering the Inner Physician.

Combining various Gestalt techniques from Fritz Perls, with Roberto Assagioli's Psychosynthesis ideas. You will learn how to actually become the objects that appear in your personal sessions, to recognize the foreground and background in a given scenario, to become more aware of being in the here and now. Most importantly, this experiential approach will help you identify and explore your various inner characters or "subpersonalities."

Discovering and integrating the various characters that live within us can be vital in helping us become more authentic, understanding human beings. As course developer Stan Gerome has said many times throughout the years. "The most valuable tool a therapist can bring to a session is a more integrated therapist".

December 2019


Upledger Institute,
Palm Beach, Florida

Somato-Emotional Release 2.

This workshop was designed to teach participants how the SomatoEmotional Release technique may integrate with various creative imagery and dialoguing methods. Class participants become more proficient in the SER techniques and focus on the development of therapeutic imagery and dialoguing skills, as well as also review and enlarge upon the release techniques for the avenue of expression. The goal is a comfortable holistic mind-body approach to the resolution of problems and obstacles related to patient/client progress and growth.

March 2013

Upledger Institute,
Portsmouth, NH 

Somato-Emotional Release 1

SER is a therapeutic process that uses and expands on the principles of CranioSacral Therapy to help rid the mind and body of the residual effects of trauma. SER1 offers applications designed to enhance results using CST and other complementary therapies. Learning about the physiological mechanism of disease and participating in hands-on training to facilitate the SomatoEmotional Release process. By the end of the course, practitioners are be able to dissipate residual effects of past trauma and negative emotional experiences from the body and mind of their patients/clients.

May 2012

Upledger Institute,

Toronto, ON

CranioSacral Therapy 2
Course material and hands-on sessions focusing on cranial base dysfunctions, the masticatory system-hard palate, mandible and temporomandibular joint; whole body evaluation; and the energy cyst with regional unwinding.
The Avenue of Expression protocol is an important focus of this class.

January 2012


Upledger Institute,
Cincinnati, OH

CranioSacral Therapy 1
Few systems have as much impact on the human body as the craniosacral system. It protects and nourishes the brain and spinal cord - and affects nearly every aspect of central nervous system performance. That's why CranioSacral Therapy is so critical to your healthcare practice. Developed after years of university research and testing, it allows you to release fascial restrictions anywhere on the body that may be impinging the craniosacral system and every other system it interacts with. In this workshop you'll learn gentle techniques to normalize the craniosacral system and allow the body to self-correct. By unraveling pain and dysfunction at the source, you'll naturally help eliminate stress, strengthen resistance to disease, and enhance health in every dimension.

June 2012

Hypnobirthing Instructor

Toronto, ON

Hypnobirthing / Doula training with Mongan Method.

July 2013

Reiki Master / Teacher

Dieppe, NB

Reiki Level 1 - Master with ARU master Sylvie Long.

April 2015

Yoga Teacher Training

Fredericton, NB

300hrs - Certified in both Hatha Vinyasa and Yin Yoga with Satori Yoga Teacher Training.

July 2007

Reiki Master/Teacher
Gagetown, NB

Reiki Levels 1 - Master with Reiki Usui Center for Reiki Training.

June 2008

Pregnancy & Infant Massage Certification and Doula.

Trimesters Massage Therapy - 125hr Certification
Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage for Pregnancy, Orthopedic Assessment for Pregnancy, Massage with higher risk pregnancies, Labour Support Provider, Infant Massage Instructor, Infant Massage and Postpartum Massage and Home-Care.

June 2008

RMT Diploma
Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage

2200hr program, graduated with honours.

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